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Croft Carbon College is a project designed by Leith Community Crops in Pots.

“Peas, Love and Bumblebees”

Evie Murray, CEO

The Croft Carbon College is a Climate Challenge Funded community education project led by Leith Community Crops in Pots . The College is a local centre for raising environmental awareness within the community, providing accessible and engaging courses and community events that encourage Leithers to take both personal and collective action to create a happy, healthy, leafy Leith.

The delivery of the course programme is a collaboration between the expertise of LCCiP staff and complimentary organisations and educators focused on other areas of environmental sustainability. We hope this method will help foster a resilient and collaborative approach between local organisations and individuals working to enhance the environmental skills and confidence of the Leith community.

Thanks to CCF funding the college delivers 4 terms per year, with each term running for a month and a half. During each term we run 4 of our most popular programmes:  the 7 Easy Steps to a Greener You,  the Green Skills Workshops, Food Growing Trainee Programme and Online Learning. 

we will be undertaking regular engagement and consultation throughout to get feedback from both course participants and the wider community.

We have designed the ‘croft carbon college app’  to help our users make small changes towards a more sustainable life style. We have gathered information from many sources and put it together in an accessible way. It covers five areas: waste & consumption, active travel, sustainable food, water and home energy. People will have the chance to learn some tips, set some goals and sing up to some workshops to enhance their green skills. It is still a work in progress and we are hoping that in the next few weeks we will have the new version live on iOs and Android.  

The majority of activities are delivered from our Croft office or outdoors on the croft with some use of nearby community buildings or partnership spaces. Due to Covid we have organised our workshops in small groups and outdoors. We are also delivering online courses to make it more accessible for everyone during this time. In future the aim is for the college to be delivered from the refurbished Croft Pavilion, subject to development.

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Roxana Romero

Development Officer
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Justus Wachs

Community Engagement and Education Officer
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Jaimie MacDonald

Outdoor Education Officer

Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in supporting your community to go green and looking to gain some new skills?

We are currently recruiting for a variety of volunteer roles to support the activities of the Croft Carbon College. The following is an example of the roles we’re currently recruiting for, but we are always interested in hearing from individuals who can add value through other skills or experience –

  • Market Garden
  • Market Garden Stall
  • Communications
  • Film-making
  • Events organising
  • Data recording/research
  • General support for the team (can be done as job shadowing)

You don’t need to have a lot of experience in these areas as long as you can demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for our cause and are keen to gain skills and experience in your role of interest.

There are also plenty of opportunities to join as a single events volunteer or to collaborate with us on your own projects. To register please complete the following form: https://bit.ly/croftvolunteers


If you have any questions, please email us on carboncollege@cropsinpots.org and our team will be in touch with you as soon as they can.

Our Partners

The Croft Carbon College is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund –