Collective Action

Tell us what you want to learn!

This is an open opportunity for you to team up with your friends, family, colleagues or your community to request a workshop which would allow you to learn a new skill, start a climate project or just have a fun day out doing something different that benefits yourself and the environment.

The only thing we ask you in exchange is a small commitment of your choice to be greener in your life.

What you need to do:

  • Team up with a group of 8-12 people.
  • Fill out the application form provided below, explaining your motivation to apply and what green commitment you will do to get this free/subsidised workshop (see below). Max 300 words.
  • Get inspired by our existing workshop programme or check out our collective action menu of workshops below. You don’t need to limit yourself by this list, feel free to request something different! 

How we will decide!

Our Croft Carbon College team will select 5 entries per term to be delivered for a subsidised cost or even for FREE depending on the workshop. In exchange, the group will need to commit to one small change towards a greener lifestyle.

This might be committing to use less plastic, reduce food waste, switching from car to bike for your daily commute, eat local for a month or even to just recycle more at home or work!

Ideas for Collective Action workshops!

Find below some ideas from our team and providers that might interest you for a workshop. Don’t limit yourself by this list though, feel free to request something different:

  • Play together on pedals.
  • Learn to use a sewing machine,
  • Dry felted jewellery,
  • Mend and fix your clothes,
  • Comforter stuffed animals out of old baby suits,
  • Grow on your windowsill
  • Make your own compost (for home or at work)
  • Bikeability (any level)
  • Plogging class (jogging session with litter pick)
  • Make your own cushion covers and draught excluders,
  • Applique and decorative sewing,
  • Introduction to embroidery,
  • Make your own pet bed from old jumper,
  • Make your own hat out of old jumper
  • Planning your allotment site
  • Tree-Grafting
  • Seasonal Cooking Class
  • Learn how to cook with leftovers – cooking class
  • At home cooking class – seasonal and local food