Collective Action

Tell us what you want to learn!

Are you an organisation or a business that wants to take action in order to become more socially and environmentally responsible? If yes, this is the opportunity for you…

We’re offering you the chance for your organisation or business to have tailored support or training to help you positively contribute to your local environment!

In today’s world a company’s success is not only about the revenue it generates, but it’s also about the impact it has on society, the environment and its employees. If you are an organisation who would like to contribute back to your own community and find ways to reduce the impact you currently have on the environment, this is a great opportunity.

All you need to do is get in touch with us to request a workshop or information session which would allow your team to learn a new green skill, start a climate project or just have a fun day out doing something different that benefits the environment! You don’t necessarily need to have an idea already formed as we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you below, or we can discuss ideas further with you or your team before finalising a workshop. 

Income generated with this project will be reinvested to support delivering outdoor education for vulnerable children, education materials for Malawi Schools and our project Nourishing Leith.

Wellbeing & Community workshop

Our three strands:

Strand 1 – Greening your Business:

This is an opportunity to help your employees learn a new green skill and/or help them make positive changes to their impact on the environment. Through a tailored workshop we will help your team become greener and encourage them to be more active and friendlier with the environment.

Here’s a list of workshops below for ideas of the breadth of expert workshops that we can offer you:

  • Grow Your Own on a windowsill
  • Dr Bike: Basic bike repair drop-in session
  • Cycle maintenance – fix your own bike
  • Make your own Eco cleaning products
  • Foraging for your lunch
  • Mend and fix your clothes
  • Upcycle your old clothes/jewellery
  • 7 Easy Steps to a Greener You (7 Modules)

Strand 2 – Greening your Community:

This is for companies who would like to fund their employees in their local communities to make a difference on projects of their choosing. Through this opportunity, you will enable your employees to have a fun day out doing something different that also benefits their community, the environment and contributes to team building too.  You can identify real needs in your community and we can help you deliver the change.

For instance, if you would like to provide raised beds to a community so they can grow their own food, then we can help your team build those raised beds and get a starter growing pack to get them going. If you don’t have a specific community you could donate raised beds to our community croft.  

Here’s a list of workshops below for ideas of the breadth of expert workshops that we can offer you:

  • Help a community create an urban croft with Leith Community Crops in Pots
  • Build raised beds for your office, school, or a community of your choice
  • Reforest your community
  • Make Your Own Compost (for home or at work)
  • Market Garden Dig-in sessions
  • Clothes swap event
  • Love Food Hate Waste – Cook for your community
  • Grow flowers for bees, in urban spaces
  • Beautifying Leith
  • Plogging class (jogging session with litter pick)

Strand 3 – Team building, Wellbeing & Reflection:

This strand offers your team the ability to reconnect with the larger questions and deeper purposes that at times get lost in the daily stress. Because these matters vary by team and organization, the experience in this strand can be tailored to your needs. Does your team need more cohesion? Do you want to grow team spirit through overcoming challenges together? Do you want to encourage mindful reflection to build leadership and purpose in your team? Do you want to teach individuals in your team to become present to what they really want to achieve?

Our experienced facilitators will incorporate elements of mindfulness, nature connection, team building initiatives, play, guided reflections and even immersive overnight trips to give your organization space to return to some of the deeper questions. Through challenging the senses and developing presence, connection and communication, your team is sure to come out of this experience with renewed vigour and deeper intention.

Here’s a list of workshops below for ideas of the breadth of expert workshops that we can offer you. This could be tailored to the needs of your organization:

  • Natural purpose – reflection on what is important through mindfulness and nature connection.
  • Forest Bathing – Mindfulness and Nature Connection
  • Self-care in difficult times – Stress relief & meditation

Don’t forget – if you’re not sure of the workshop you’d like then we can work with you, your team and surrounding community to establish the best opportunity for you! 

What you need to do:

  • Get inspired by our existing workshop programme or check out our collective action menu of workshops above. You don’t need to limit yourself by this list, feel free to request something different! 
  • Fill out the application form provided below, explaining a bit about your company, the workshop or activity you would like to request and indicate the number of people who will participate and preferred dates. (Max 300 words).
  • We will then get back to you with detailed information about the workshop or activity you are interested in, prices, logistics, etc.