Introduction & module descriptions

These FREE workshops will provide you with the knowledge & support you need to take simple, practical steps towards a low energy lifestyle.

Join the Croft Carbon College team for a 6 week series of 2-hour workshops and on-going support to provide you and your household with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make simple, practical changes towards a lower energy lifestyle, consequently helping you to reduce your impact, improve your health & wellbeing and save money in the process!

The 5 areas we will cover during these 6 weeks will be home energy, water, food, waste and active travel.

For many of the workshops we have specialist advisors joining us to provide the group with expert advice and information to help you on your journey. We will also ensure that the learning will be tailored to meet the needs of the group and there will be an on-going support network to support you in making long-lasting changes beyond the course lifetime.

Participants in the course will be provided with:

  • A toolkit containing the basic materials to help you throughout the journey
  • Online support network (platform dependent on needs of the group) to keep us all motivated
  • An online easy-to-use space to record your progress at home
  • A dedicated contact to provide 1-1 advice between sessions.

The course approach will be both informative and practical, and designed to support the group in taking collective action, supporting one another throughout, in order to make changes both individually and collectively.

As we are funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, you will be required to measure your progress on your low carbon journey, but we promise we have made this as easy as possible and will support you throughout!

On completion of the series & on submission of progress data – you will also be provided with a voucher for a FREE Green Skills workshop of your choice in Term 4/5 of the college! (up the value of £30).

Not able to commit to all 7 workshops. You can also join us for just one or more of the workshops of your choice!

We are happy to offer sign-ups to individual 7 Easy Steps workshops – just complete the sign up form below and note the workshop(s) you will be attending!

The workshops will focus on and take place on the following dates and times:



Time – 20 August, 6-8pm

In this workshop we will get to know one another and set some group values. We will also undertake an initial measure of our current activity, have a chat about areas we’d like to focus on and set some personal and group goals to achieve over the 7 weeks.

This workshop will also introduce the main aims for the 5 thematic sessions and establish the best methods of communications and support for the group throughout the programme.


Sustainable Food

Time – 17 September, 6-8pm

In this workshop, we will focus on the positive impact we can have through making small changes to our food & drink consumption. Together we will learn simple tips to reduce our food waste, easy ways to eat more seasonally, and there’ll be an introduction to growing your own on your windowsill or back garden.

We will also run through some fun Love Food Hate Waste activities to help you reduce your food waste at home.

A food waste bin and food waste savers will be provided to all course participants in order to help them reduce their waste and measure their progress throughout the programme.


Active Travel

Time – 3rd September, 6-8pm

In this workshop, we will chat about the impact travel choices can have on the environment and discuss the various alternative travel methods available in Edinburgh and the benefits taking these have both in terms of your health and budget!

We will be joined by an advisor from Home Energy Scotland who will advise on various electric travel options available, & schemes to support you on making the switch. There will also be an Electric Car demonstration.

Participants will also be given the opportunity to borrow an electric bike for a trial between 23 May – 31 July.

Some active travel tools and local cycle and walking maps will be provided for all course participants in order to help them on their journey towards more active travel.


Home Energy

Time – 27 August, 6-8pm

In this workshop, we will focus on reducing our energy usage in the home. We will talk about the variety of options that can reduce our personal usage, how this can impact our environment and bank account, as well as thinking about the benefits of switching to a renewable energy provider.

A home energy monitor will be available to borrow, if required, for the duration of the programme in order for participants to help them measure their progress.

Consumption & Waste

Waste & Consumption

Time – 10 September, 6-8pm

In this workshop, we will focus on some simple ways in which we can reduce our consumption of single-use materials, learn how to repair some of our everyday items as well as how to improve our recycling practices. We will also discuss the positive impact of reducing our waste production can have on our local and global communities.

We will run through though some ‘recycling + waste in Edinburgh’ information supplied by Changeworks as well as some practical clothing repair tasks supported by Love Your Clothes. All participants are asked to bring some holey socks!

Some recycling and basic clothing repair tools will be provided to all course participants to help them reduce their waste production and measure their progress throughout the programme. 



Time – 24 September, 6-8pm

In this workshop, we will focus on our personal water usage, considering how a variety of simple changes can help us to reduce our water usage, whilst discussing the hidden local and global benefits that reducing our water can bring.

We will also touch on ways you might support your workplace in reducing their water usage and in turn save money on their water bills.

Water saving devices will be provided to all course participants in order to help them reduce their usage and measure their progress throughout the programme.

Sign-ups for Term 5 of 7 Easy Steps, taking place from August 2019, are now open

Please use the form below to sign up/note your interest in attending the workshop series, or specific workshops and we will be in touch in due course to confirm the schedule with you and next steps in preparation for the workshop programme.

Please note: Whilst we encourage you to join us for the full 7-weeks, we know that you might only want to come to specific workshops that meet your needs. If you’d like to only come to one or two workshops please sign up as normal and let us know by email, noting the specific workshops you would like to attend.