One of our most recent developments is the Croft Carbon College App! We want to build on the work we’ve already been doing in the local community, and make workshop resources and knowledge on how to live a life that’s better for the planet available to folks far and near. Find out more about our app on this page, and download it for free under Croft Carbon College on the Appstore or Playstore.

How the app works

The app covers five areas in which people can reduce their emissions, which you can see in the picture below.

The info section

The info section covers information about which processes and actions contribute heavily to carbon emissions in that area. The food section, for example, talks about local and seasonal food, food miles, the impact of food waste, and much more.

The tips section

In the tips section, you can find practical ways in which you can change your behaviour to emit less. Continuing on the food example, knowing what can be frozen can help you cut food waste.


The goals section

In the goals section, you can commit to taking concrete steps to reducing your carbon footprint, and get environmental points and positive messages for achieving them!

We hope you will enjoy the app! For any questions and feedback, message